Clay Patrick McBride

Clay Patrick McBride is known for his bold portraiture that celebrates his subjects through empowerment, humor, honesty and grit; he has an ability to connect with his subjects in a way that is personal, intense and collaborative in nature. McBride’s philosophy of image making fuses experimentation and limitlessness with his classic training in painting and art history, resulting in an iconic visual language that creates a conversation between the old and new world. His deep interest in connecting with and understanding the world around him is what drives him to keep experimenting with new processes, techniques and to examine the interplay between process and the portrait, time and space.

His arresting portraits of top athletes and musicians like LeBron James, Allen Iverson, Norah Jones and Kid Rock have appeared in the pages of countless magazines, including Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Maxim and XXL. Clay’s commercial work includes dozens of album covers for Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Elektra Records, in addition to print campaigns for Pontiac, Coca-Cola, Boost Mobile, Nike, VH1 and Chevrolet 1.

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