Kevin Zacher

Kevin received a degree in photojournalism from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. While in school however, he spent more time snowboarding and photographing his friends snowboarding than going to class. This educational philosophy led to a career as a snowboard photographer. Eventually his photos caught the attention of magazines and manufacturer's which led to a gig as a principal photographer for Burton Snowboards and staff photographer for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. His reputation in the genre was for capturing the essence and culture of the sport in a way no one had done before. For the next 4 years, he traveled the world capturing some of snowboarding's most iconic images. 

While Kevin couldn't be more proud of these accomplishments, snowboarding photography was simply the in-run. His aspirations to shoot ad campaigns and editorials spurred him to trade in the avalanches, dicey mountain top helicopter landings, and the exuberant culture of snowboarding for the sunshine and surf of Los Angeles and the opportunity to cultivate his career as a lifestyle photographer. 

His clients include: Verizon, Abercrombie & Fitch, adidas, Eddie Bauer, Hyundai, Playstation, Honda, T-Mobile, Subaru, TOMS, Reebok, GMC, Nixon, Nike, and Mustang. 

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